Let me disclaimer this by saying that YOU know your work culture and dress code better than I (a random internet stranger) do.  Just because I can wear some of these things at my place of work doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be okay for you, especially if you work in conservative careers or areas of the country. Use your best judgement and please don’t sue me :)

Black Blazer

This may be more corporate than goth, but hear me out!  A black blazer is on every fashion staple list out there; I don’t need to sell you on it.  You know it’s versatile and flexible.  

A blazer is also a magical item that can transform the "not-quite-sure-if-work-appropriate" into "YES! Work appropriate, she just got edgy style!"

Blazer - Express (similar 1 | similar 2 | similar 3)

A mesh bodysuit would definitely raise some eyebrows if worn alone, but a blazer on top tones it down.
I got the t-shirt at a metal show (the band is Creeping Death), and although I'm not comfortable wearing the shirt on its own, it's a nice graphical contrast piece when combined with a black blazer. I've also seen this look work great with vintage band shirts.
If you feel comfortable enough to wear a lacy cami, a blazer turns down the "sexy" factor and brings it to be a more suitable baselayer.

Black Ponte Pants

Slacks look weird on my high-waisted body. Black jeans are not always “dressy” enough.  Enter: ponte pants.

Ponte is a thick double-knit fabric with two-way stretch. Because of that, ponte pants straddle that magical line between leggings and slacks where they look polished enough for the office, but are still very comfortable to wear all day. The comfort paired with versatility makes them a staple.

Ideal ponte pants are slightly elastic, and as such are prone to getting stretched out. To increase the lifespan, follow good clothing care practices like you would for other elastic materials: wash in cool water, line dry (rather than tumble dry), hand-wash, or dry clean whenever possible.

These are a staple for me in the office, as well as when traveling, just because they are so flexible and versatile, a real fashion workhorse!

Ponte Pants - Vince Camuto / Nordstrom (similar 1 | similar 2)

Ponte pants look great dressed up...
... Or dressed down, more casual.

Black Long-Sleeve Shirt

One of the things I love most about fashion is being able to play with balance.  Much of the basic fashion advice is about striking that balance (for example: wear a tight top with flowy bottoms or vice versa).

Because of this, a simple long sleeve shirt is a fantastic piece to dial up the conservative quotient of your outfit when you are choosing more edgy pieces.  Or, bring balance when you want to let a certain garment have the spotlight.

Black Long-Sleeve Shirt - Express (similar 1 |  similar 2 | similar 3)

I love this glittery silver skirt, but it is such a statement piece that I like to let it speak for itself. Wearing a plain black longsleeve shirt and black tights lets it shine!
This is such a simple trick that I always forget! Any dress that might not be work appropriate because it's sleeveless or too low-cut can instantly be made more conservative by layering it with a long-sleeve shirt.
A lot of people think (p)leather skirts are inappropriate for the office. However, adding conservative pieces like a long-sleeve shirt and a scarf make the faux leather skirt look much more professional.

Dr. Martens Boots

Nobody would argue that Doc Martens are a goth/punk fashion staple. I love the heeled version - Averil Seirene.

When I bought these boots I wasn’t really sure how much I’d wear them - I just loved the idea of them (they were my first pair of DMs). They did take a little bit to break in, but they rapidly became a staple.  They work well with jeans, pants, and skirts.  I added insoles to my mine, and now they are comfortable, versatile, and look great!

Great with pants!
Great with skirts!
Great with everything!

I hope these ideas help you get started (or continue) on your own fashion journey and fill your wardrobe with versatile staples that help take your outfit to the next level of corporate goth-y goodness :)

What are some of the garments you wear most often? Drop them in the comments!