This versatile and comfortable skirt is perfect as casual-wear or the office. I was able to whip this up in a weekend, which makes it extra-appealing if you're on a quest for flexible separates. Although the awesome geometric fabric pattern is forgiving of a lot of mistakes, it's likely better-suited for thicker scuba fabric.

Materials & Supplies

I've had this teal scuba knit for over a year; it's one of the first fabrics I ever bought with the intention of garment sewing! It felt great to find a cute use for it, especially as a separate that I can pair with many different types of tops.

  • Teal Black Polyester/Lycra Geometric Print Scuba Knit (1 ¾ yards; $7.79/yd; $13.63 total) - Fabric Mart (unfortunately, this fabric is no longer available on this website since I bought it over a year ago 🙃).
Image Source: Amaya asymmetrical knit pencil skirt (PDF) (Sinclair Patterns)


Based on my bust/waist/hip size of 36/29/40" and the size chart that Sinclair Patterns provides, I chose size 8 (mostly based on the hip measurement, since this is a skirt). I didn't even make a toile, so chef's kiss to Sinclair Pattern sizing!

I took in about 1/4" from both sides near the top half since there was a little bit of extra gaping.

Pattern Review

The pattern itself had everything I love from an independent pattern-maker; Adobe Reader layers, a grid of PDF page layout, only 32 pages to print (compared to 90+ pages on the last pattern I printed at home), well-illustrated instructions, great sizing!

There weren't too many markings to transfer, and overall it was easy to copy onto the fabric and cut out. I had some issues with matching up the notches when sewing (not so much along the top/waist, but more along the sides). But it turned out OK all things considered!

Lessons Learned

I've spent some amount of time standing and staring into a mirror trying to nitpick apart everything wrong with this spontaneous garment.

The thing I picked out was that I think the thickness of this fabric was not quite as thick as scuba fabric should be.

Trying on the skirt before pressing and before sewing on the waistband, you can see fabric bunching where the under layers of skirt end.

I think that if I used a thicker scuba fabric (or stabilized it with interfacing), it would behave better at those parts. I plan to do that next time I try this pattern.


Overall it's a great skirt pattern, and I look forward to trying it again in another, heftier fabric — perhaps for autumn/winter. Since I'm not 100% that thicker fabric will fix the pulling issue I described, I might try some other pencil skirt patterns (perhaps even from Sinclair Patterns, since they have pencil skirts a-plenty!) before I circle around to this one.